If you do live in the Nothern Lithuania, and if you are engaged in a trade of second-hand clothing, the best choice of yours is to buy the goods from the JSC “Ekoteksas”. We are working in the field of trade in second-hand clothing for more than 10 years and are the leader among the wholesalers in Šiauliai region.

The goals of JSC “Ekoteksas” are the following:

* we seek to create the value for both our customers and shareholders;
* we seek to maintain the name of our company as the one which provides the top quality services;
* we seek to satisfy the needs of every customer;
* we seek after the long-term cooperation with our customers;
* we seek to improve our activities in the field we work in.

About the staff. We are creating such working environment where everyone would be rewarded for his/her professional skills, loyality, diligence and command work. Our goal is that every employee would be satisfied with his/her job and be proud of it.

Abot the products. The company sorts more than 80 tons of second-hand clothes and footwear per month. The source for sorting – second-hand clothing and footwear (in family bags) from the UK; these goods enjoy the huge popularity not only in the Lithuanian, but also in the Russian, Polish and Ukrainian markets. Presently we offer our clients more than 100 kinds of goods. Every month we supplement our stock with the kinds in accordance with our customers’ wishes. We apply very strict quality control requirements for already sorted products as well as follow the latest fashion trends.

We kindly invite you to visit our warehouse in Šiauliai!

Ragaines Str. 82g
Šiauliai, Lithuania

Tel./fax. +370 41 42 76 58
Mob. +370 687 49 855